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Achieving Extraordinary Results with companies & clients worldwide through Scenario Planning, Technology Innovation, Digital Strategy, Executive Coaching and M&A.

Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning goes far beyond ordinary strategic planning.


Now, more than ever, Scenario Planning is key to business survival.

While not a crystal ball exercise, the process of identifying various Scenarios helps industry leaders really focus their thinking on what’s important for their company.

It helps identify a range of possible and specific maneuvers for each Scenario. And it helps build an arsenal of strategic options.

Our unique Scenario Planning process is for leadership teams who want to add more depth and dimension to their strategic initiatives.

Technology Innovation

Innovative Business Models eclipse operational roadmaps.


The exponential development of new technology solutions demands that companies rethink their technology adoption.

We help companies move away from conventional management and engineering methods and move toward new design thinking.

Our focus includes implementing agile management to fast track the adoption of new technologies, including autonomous production systems.

Instead of a few select individuals being involved in the new design engineering, our approach seeks to include the broadest range of people in the organization to identify and design solutions.

Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy is not the same as your technology roadmap.


Where the roadmap represents a project management format for implementing new technologies, your Corporate Digital Strategy must focus on positioning the corporation for the future. Corporate Digital Strategy is a Board approved document, owned by the CEO, that leverages the core competencies of the organization to future value based on the executives’ view of unfolding industry and global dynamics.


Your Corporate Digital Strategy also establishes what new competencies should be acquired or developed to align with new revenue streams, ecosystem relationships and cost parameters. Your Corporate Digital Strategy should point to increased revenue tracks based on your positioning, portfolio, ecosystem, and last but not least, your values and culture. Essentially this is a quest to near-zero marginal cost in executing work.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is individualized to your own set of work and leadership dynamics.


How do successful executives perpetuate their trajectory of success?

Using Levels of Work as a foundation, our approach helps executives realize the time span and scope of their leadership behaviors.

Our Executive Coaching will help you move from functional leadership to corporate leadership and from operational management to strategic management.

Custom tailored topics include risks and opportunities, political climate, strategic relationships, economics, leadership behaviors, executive teams, and processing the complex external world as it relates to business strategy.

M & A

Does your company strategy include the potential for mergers and acquisitions?


Strategic opportunities for growth include diversification, consolidation and industry expansion.

We support management with the strategic assessment and execution of divestitures, spin-offs, and carve-outs to optimize strategic value.

Our focus includes developing the strategy business case including valuation, economics, financing options, and if relevant, a pitch deck.


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